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Laminated Moulded Doors

Laminated Moulded Door is a skin moulded door coated with high grade PVC foil.

This PVC foil gives a pre-finished look which is paint - free as well.
A zero maintainance door is delivered for total convenience.

Veneer Moulded Doors

A Veneer Moulded Door is a rare blend of durability and beauty. It is designed with an imported decorative vaneer skin, to resist the change in climatic conditions.
The shrinking, swelling and cracking is defended by high quality fiber board panel. The beauty, durability and custom make of the Veneer doors makes it a best alternative to timber panel doors.
Core options:

  • Timber core
  • particle board

The Making
Laminated/Veneer Moulded doors are made with two layers, that are Honeycomb Core and Timber Core. The high grade PVC foil or veneer is then pressed with vacuum press.
Available in variety of designs like 2-panels, 4-panels, 6-panels and even in Decorative Veneer finishes.
THICKNESS : 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 45, 50 & 55mm in double or single leaf construction..
SIZE : Supplied in standard sizes as per availability. 
  •  Beautiful in look, High Resistance
  •  Durable against high moisture conditions & cyclic changes in weather
  •  Decay proof
  •  Produced using impregnation process as per IS : 401 - 1982
  •  Made with seasoned wood as per IS : 1141 - 1973
  •  Prefabricated and ready to fix
  •  More economical