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Skin Moulded Doors

Skin Moulded Doors are known for their various design availability. Shreeji skin Moulded doors are manufactured using superior quality HDF door skin bonded with high grade resin.

To meet the high quality standards, raw material for infillers like pinewood and particle boards are used. Alternately, moulding profile filled with semi solid material of saw dust and resins are used.

It is chemically (vacuum) treated as per the requirements of IS : 401 and strongly bonded with high grade PF glue.

Skin Moulded doors are made with two layers, that are Honeycomb Core and Timber Core.
Available in variety of designs like 2-panels, 4-panels, 6-panels and even in Decorative Veneer finishes.

THICKNESS : 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 45, 50 & 55mm in double or single leaf construction.

Core options:

  • Timber core
  • Particle board
  • Beautiful in look, High Resistance
  • Durable against cyclic changes in weather
  • Decay proof
  • Produced using impregnation process as per IS : 401 - 1982
  • Made with seasoned wood as per IS : 1141 - 1973
  • Prefabricated and ready to fix
  • More economical