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Wooden Panel Doors

Panel door is a door constructed with stiles, panels and rails on a wood surface. Combining several smaller components (stiles, rails, loose-fitting panels) into one door allows panel doors to maintain their shape while expanding and contracting with weather and temperature changes.

Suitable for your main entrance, we have a wide range of design. Aesthetically elegant, economical and durable is our array of Wooden Panel Doors.

Panel doors are made of several elements such as Stiles, rails, glass plates are combined as a single element to form a panel door.

They are available as single panel door, double panel door, four-panels door and six-panels doors along with various designs as required.

  • Easy to make and are preferred for their carved designs
  • Attractive look
  • Lightweight, rigid, robust
  • Hard and offer extra beauty to doors of home
  • Can be made to any design as architect requirement
  • Can be finished with paint or polish as per need
  • They are sound proof, prevents from high frequency noises.
  • Easy to implement, install & requires less maintenance
  • Prevents mould growth