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Fire Retardant Doors (FRD)

FRD is another quality product that is a solid core, hot pressed wooden fire Retardant flush door confirming to IS - 5509 (1980). It undergoes strict quality control in order to resist severe fire and serve it's purpose at a specific time.

Different parts of the building are seperated from each other into compartments by a fire resisting construction in which openings for escaoe or other day-to-day activities are closed by doors, which have precise functions to fulfill in case of fire.

This door is constructed in such a way so that it can withstand severity of fire, for a specified time.
FIRE RATING : 1/2 Hr, 1Hr, 2Hrs.

The Making

Flame Retardant Chemical

Frame retardant chemical used for treatment are
1. Combination of Ammonium Sulphate & Ammonium Phosphate

2. Combination of Ammonium Phosphate & Boron compounds
After giving the vaccum treatment to the timber, which helps to prevent the timber against attack of fungi & termite. The fire retardant chemicals increase the resistance of timber against fire. These timbers are now ready for process of making Solid Core Fire Resistance Door in which on both faces of the door, Non-Combustible Sheet/Layer pressed with synthetic resin like phenol formaldehyde

Smoke seal is also provided whenever required.  

  •  Prevention from fire spreading
  •  Composed of inorganic substances
  •  Lightweight, rigid, robust
  •  Do not emit toxic gas or smoke
  •  Unaffected by insects, vermin and micro organism
  •  Prevents mould growth